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I'm the guy who rode with NCL in the 94 Grand Cherokee during the Great Lakes Jeepthing's trip to the Badlands on May 20th, 2000. I've got a 80 CJ5 that I'm working on fixing up/building up so I can get do some off roading, but in the mean time I took Nick up on an offer for a ride along. I'm now inspired to work faster! Anyway below are some pics I took during the trip. Anyway it was a fun trip and I look forward to completing my CJ (update: sold it, have a cherokee) so I can go out and have some fun.

--- John

Here is my new Jeep that I sold the 1980 CJ5 to get, its a 1987 Jeep Cherokee.

It looks a little different now with hooks and some trimming on the front bumper, and BFG MT/R's. I also removed the tint and have cleaned it up some.




Copyright 2002 John Mearns