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Cyber-Byte.com's Favorite Links
John Mearns' (thats me) personal website with a blog, foto gallery, and more!
The [H]ard|OCP is the best hardware news site in existance.
Anandtech always has the best hardware reviews!
Slashdot (aka /.) as they say, "News for nerds, stuff that matters.
2600 Mix a little hacker and some political/social commentary together and this is what you get.
Security Focus Know your vulnerabilities.
The Dilbert Comic Strip Anyone who has ever sat in a cube will appreciate Dilbert.
Penny-Arcade is the perfect comic strip for any serious gamer.
Illiad's User Friendly Comic is a great comic for the geek or nerd.
Slackware Linux was my first Linux distro and I still recommend it.
Gentoo Linux might be the coolest new Linux distro out, try it!







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